With all the media hype surrounding energy-efficient windows and doors, it’s easy to get a general notion that they’re good for your utility bill. But what makes the upfront cost of energy efficient windows and door replacement worth it? Everything from improved heat to greater selling power, for starters. Here are a few reasons to consider trying energy-efficient windows and doors.


More Comfortable Rooms

Cold glass can lead to drafts, while strong direct sunlight through standard windows can create an overheating effect. High-performance, energy efficient windows can make your rooms comfortably warmer in the winter by cutting frost and condensation, and cooler during the warm months by cutting humidity.


Reduced Fading

If you’ve ever seen or experienced faded furniture or paintings near a window, you’ve seen the effects of too much sun exposure. Did you know energy-efficient windows can prevent this? Carpet, artwork, paints, and wood can fade with excessive sunlight, but ene4rgy-effcient windows can influence the intensity of fading sun radiation.


Lowered Bills

The most celebrated and obvious benefit of energy-efficient windows are lowered utility bills. Energy-efficient glass is treated with metallic particles which deflect UV rays while trapping heat in a room and reflecting it back into the home. This cuts utility bills almost instantly. This is a benefit that you can take advantage of even if you’re selling a home. Potential homebuyers are certain to consider lowered utility bills a strong selling point.


Less Street Noise

Believe it or not, energy efficient windows and door replacement can add to your peace and quiet. That’s because double-paned, energy efficient windows buffer street noise. That means your neighbors can enjoy their lawn and you can enjoy your sitting room in perfect serenity.

Utility bills don’t have to take a chunk out of your budget if you know how to think smart. Start with nixing your old, outdated windows and doors and investing in energy efficient windows and door replacement.

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