Is it time to retire your front door? Whether it’s leaking air, squeaking or just not giving your home the welcoming presence it deserves, there are many reasons to look for a door replacement. You may be surprised to realize how many options you have to replace your door. Here are some great reasons to choose either a double-glazed window exterior door, wood door fiberglass exterior door or a steel exterior door for your home.

Bring Home Some Natural Light

If your current door doesn’t have a window, your entryway may seem a bit dark and dismal. Or, perhaps worse, older exterior doors have windows that aren’t properly insulated. This leads to cool, drafty entryways and expensive heating bills.

With a double-glazed window, your new front door will let in plenty of natural light, while still keeping your home well insulated. Consider choosing an exterior door that includes a uniquely styled window for a more personalized look. Of course, if your door opens immediately into your living room you may want to consider a curtain for your door’s window.

Discover the Most Durable, Affordable Option

Steel and fiberglass exterior doors both have excellent insulating properties. These doors may have small windows but are typically a solid door. Fiberglass is more cost-effective, while steel is more durable and protective. Both will ensure a long life of little maintenance and excellent use.

The Classic Look

Of course, few homeowners aren’t charmed by a wood door. A high quality wood door can still be insulating and durable, but will need some maintenance in terms of routine painting or staining to keep up its great look. These doors are also typically more expensive than other types. If your home is subject to wind, rain and snow in high amounts, your door may become warped or begin to rot.

Whichever door you choose, a door replacement can add value and style to your home. Contact a professional today to receive estimates on front door replacements.

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