Most people will have to replace their front door at least once. When choosing a door, many people focus on hardware choices or color combinations; however, homeowners should consider what material will best suit their needs. It is very important that you choose the best material for front door installation as it can have a big impact on the longevity and design options of your door. If you are considering replacing your front door, here are some materials to consider. 


Timber offers homeowners the largest selection of colors and design choices. With timber, you can basically paint or carve anything you want; however, the flexibility of design comes with a lot of maintenance. Out of all the materials you can choose from, timber doors require the most upkeep. If not taken care of, they can easily rot or warp.  


Vinyl doors are a great option for homeowners that want an aesthetic door but without a lot of work and maintenance. Additionally, vinyl doors are one of the cheapest materials for doors you can choose from. One of the drawbacks with vinyl is that you are much more limited with your design options. Homeowners can only choose a color from a neutral color palette. 


Glass doors offer the best of both worlds. Most glass doors use a GRP (Glass Reinforced Polymer) for their exterior, this thermal skin can be colored in a variety of shades. Unlike timber doors, you don’t have to repaint or re-varnish them after their initial coat. Additionally, glass doors don’t require a lot of maintenance—they don’t easily warp or rot.

Your front door is the first impression guests will make of your home—it is important to choose a material that is beautiful and practical. There is a wide range of materials you can choose from to create the door of your dreams. When considering materials for front door installation be sure to think of how much maintenance and design flexibility you want. 

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