For the homeowner looking to improve the value of their home, you may need to look no further than your windows. With new window replacement, you improve your home’s energy efficiency and the look of your home at the same time. There are many types of window systems that you can select from, as you will want a style that matches your home and personal taste.

The Move From Old to New

Wooden windows were most commonly used during the first half of the 20th century. Once aluminum and steel options came on the market, many homeowners changed because of the security and additional ventilation it provided to the home. During the 1970s, vinyl windows were made available and are now the most selected window style. When a window has become broken or damaged, a replacement is necessary, and vinyl is one of the easiest styles to fix. It has a fixed frame that is quickly installed.

The Modern Window

The more modern windows are built with two glass panes. One of the reasons this style has become popular is the energy savings it provides. Energy codes have been established for many home installation products, with new window replacement having a low E glass standard in all residential applications. Though this glass is more efficient than clear glasses, it can also come in different colors without sacrificing the energy rating. Replacement windows allow you to choose which color or design you want.

The Benefit of Replacement

If your home has older windows or you find that your current style is letting in too many cold drafts, you don’t have to sacrifice your electric bill anymore. Windows that keep cold or heat in the proper places make the home more comfortable and the energy bill more affordable. Windows need to let in the light and keep the moisture out. Any compromise in these areas means it is time for a new window replacement project. Doing so increases your home’s value financially and makes it more cozy and desirable.

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